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我與Akashic records的故事

我與Akashic records的故事


Love u all❣️

Today is our big day of “change”

I have to record this precious day❣️

The 1st time to open my own record I would like to share my experience with you.

After our records were opened, the love energy is everywhere floating in the room.

We are getting messages from Master for our own.

Master reminds me about my grandma, the temple she belongs to, I heard the beautiful sound of wooden block, and her kindness while I was a child.

Another scene was my dad cooking in the kitchen.

The last one, a green mountain image pops up. It pops up but its 2D image, flat as a sticker😂

My very 1st time to have vision while my eyes are opened. I saw sea waves on the floor in the studio but I feel like taking the turbo jet to Macau.

All reminders from Masters are related to me.

The energy from Akasha was so heavy, density was so high, we are always loved by our masters and the divine.

We are all as one.

You cannot change anyone, anything but only yourself.

Thanks for Ernesto to have our Malas blessed.

Om Shanti

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Happy Buddha's Day!

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