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The Team

Who we are


Rachel Kwan


Osho Zen Tarot

Oracle Cards

Reiki Healing

Tulip Passion Reiki

Singing Bowl Sound Therapy

Sai Kwok


Osho Zen Tarot

Oracle Cards

OH Cards

Soul Cards

Tuning Fork Sound Healing

I-Ching Zen Tarot

心 理 輔 導

​風 水 八 字​

This is We Luv Tarot.

Founded in 2014, We Luv Tarot is a Hong Kong tarot shop. We provide professional tarot readings, reiki healing, sound healing and more.

The Tarot is based on the present moment, the cards pick up and reflect the energies that surround you right now in the Universe. We help you with suggestions, tips and overall guidance so that you can bring about those transformations within the given time frame. You always have the ability to change how things are going to happen.

Create Your Future

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